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Jintai science and technology workshop lighting and civilized 
production work in an orderly manner, with remarkable results.
Release time:2018-6-21

  In order to actively implement the chairman's work requirements for studying the prode horse company and promoting the workshop brightening, the civilized production and the safe production, the general and Han General of Jintai science and technology, and Han, went to the prode horse company for exchange and study many times, and carried out the implementation according to the actual situation of the workshop. At present, through nearly two months of implementation, we have achieved good results.
  1, the workshop reinforced concrete floor lighting project is coming to an end, the workshop floor environment and sanitation situation has been greatly improved. The existing sewage, dust and sundries were effectively resolved, and the scene was refreshing.

(reinforced concrete ground)

  2, workshop safety production and civilized production publicity work has been implemented and strengthened. Rules and regulations about the company's safety production from oral propaganda to system wall; from water pipes, product lines blurred to color identification, paint paint; from simple slogans to striking banners, plaque and so on... A golden standard technology that is more rigorous, standardized and orderly is being presented in front of everyone.

(eye-catching publicity signs)

  3. On-line monitoring ensures continuous transmission without exceeding standard. Through the coordination of the general, production and equipment manufacturers, through the adjustment of equipment and technology, the continuous stability of environmental data has been achieved, and it is far below the requirements of environmental protection. A safe, environmental and high-tech Jintai technology is working for the stable production of the molybdenum industry and the relocation of the titanium industry to carry out the protection. Air.
  4, the product library of sulfonyl chloride and the citric acid raw material storehouse are reformed and maintained. The modified storage storage not only covers the wind and rain, but also ensures the safe storage of the products. It is beautiful and neat. It has a sharp contrast with the transformation before the transformation, and the effect is outstanding.

(reformed product storehouse after maintenance)

  Although after nearly a period of transformation, compared with the end of 2017, it has made great achievements, but there is a big gap between the requirements of the chairman of the company, and the technology will continue to refine, rectify and carry out the company, learn from the brothers, and bid for the company to make the company safe, environmental and civilized. The work of production will go to a new level, and create a working environment with ease of work, fresh air, and safety.


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