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What is the standard for industrial liquid sulfur dioxide
Release time:2017-4-12

  Although the sulfur dioxide is one of the main pollutants in the atmosphere, but also a strong pungent odor, but the application of sulfur dioxide or widely, and can be used in the production of sulfur as insecticides, fungicides, bleaching agent and reducing agent. So what is the standard for industrial liquid sulfur dioxide? We invite Taizhou liquid sulfur dioxide manufacturers to introduce.
  Industry executive with liquid sulfur dioxide standard is GB/T3637-1993, the standard provisions of the liquid sulfur dioxide technical requirements and test methods and inspection rules, as well as the logo, packaging, transportation, storage and security requirements.
  This standard applies to industrial liquid sulfur dioxide. Liquid sulfur dioxide is mainly used in the manufacture of sulfite and used as dyes, nylon, synthetic detergent and other organic synthesis of industrial raw materials, but also can be used as refrigerants, preservatives etc..
  Through the above introduction, I hope you will have a good understanding of the standard and use of liquid sulfur dioxide, if you have any questions, please call me to consult the company.
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