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Use of sulfur dioxide in food
Release time:2017-4-12

  In Europe and the United States, when the wine in the sulfur dioxide content of more than 10ppm (ppm, 1ppm=1 mg / kg =1 mg / L), it must be marked with sulfur dioxide". Because of the amount of natural fermentation is often higher than this, so almost all wine will have this mark. However, they do not require specific values As for the upper limit of sulfur dioxide in wine, the United States is 350ppm, China is 250PPM, for sweet wine or wine, China relaxed to 400ppm. But in fact, to achieve the required functionality, does not require such a large amount of sulfur dioxide, the United States on the results of wine testing is an average of 100ppm.
  International food additives Joint Expert Committee (JECFA) to develop a safe limit of sulfur dioxide intake is 0.7 mg per kilogram of body weight per day. For a 60 kg adult, this is equivalent to a daily dose of 42 mg. If according to the average value of 100ppm count, then 400 ml of wine contains about 40 mg, close to the highest intake of the.
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