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  Founded in 2017, Chaoyang Jintai science and Technology Co., Ltd. is the only modern, high-tech and environmental chemical enterprise in the west of Liaoning Province to produce sulfur dioxide, sulphur chloride and sodium sulfite. Relying on Chaoyang JINDA Group Industrial Co., Ltd., the company has advanced production technology, abundant capital and reasonable personnel structure, such as a rising industry new star shines in the west of Liaoning. The enterprise is located in the JINDA Group North Industrial Park in the Twin Towers District of Chaoyang City, Liaoning province. The factory is near the 101 National Road and Chaoyang North High Speed entrance. The transportation is convenient and the geographical position is unique. At present, the annual production capacity of sulfur dioxide and sulphur chloride has exceeded 10000 tons, and the two phase production line will be put into operation in the first half of 2018, and the downstream products have already entered the planning and layout stage. Under the guidance of President Zhao Chunlei and general manager of Yi Yong, all the scientific and technological people have the confidence to use their own wisdom and 100 times enthusiasm to make the science and technology company bigger and stronger, and together to write the beautiful chapter of the chemical industry in chemical industry.
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